Thursday, May 23, 2013

[WEBINAR] India Focus: Top Tips to Building an Excellent Application Package

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Please join us on Thursday, May 23rd from 11-12pm for a FREE webinar — “Top Tips to Building an Excellent Application Package.” In this session, prospective international students looking to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.S. will gain a clear understanding of what qualities and character U.S. universities look for when selecting students.   

Topics will include:

  • Rankings and diversity of U.S. institutions
  • What qualities do admissions officers look for in a student?
  • Do certain extracurricular activities look better than others?
  • How much weight is placed on test scores?
  • How can students increase their chances of receiving financial assistance?
We will introduce some practical tips that can be used to help guide students through the application process and share important advice on avoiding costly mistakes.

Please join us, and feel free to pass this invitation along to friends who may be interested in participating.
Admissions Expert: Student Ambassador:Moderator:
Marjorie Smith
Associate Dean, 
International Student Admission, University of Denver
Megha Mirchandani
Master's Candidate, 
Public Health, George Washington University
Rahul Choudaha
Director, Research and Advisory Services,
World Education Services

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