Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Advantages to Studying in the U.S.

We've asked almost every one of our admissions experts about advantages to studying in the U.S. compared to elsewhere. We've put together some of the great reasons they've mentioned below.

Dr. Myron "Mick" Thompson
Associate Provost and Executive Director
Graduate School
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York

  1. Extensive range of “choice” with over 4,000 institutions and 18 million students, international students are able to choose a program that best fits their needs from a wide variety of study options.
  2. Recognized “high quality” seen in global rankings which are often dominated by U.S. institutions.
  3. Outstanding “value”  as there are many job market advantages and good salaries for international students who complete a degree program in the U.S.

Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Bell
International Education
University of Colorado Boulder

  1. Students seeking to increase their English language ability can approach English in a more relaxed environment by taking an ESL class.
  2. May be advantageous for graduate students who wish to improve their English fluency and have a better chance for a graduate assistantship to help pay for their studies.
  3. ESL classes help you to make friends in your new school and adjust to the U.S.

Ms. Greet Provoost
Office of International Programs
University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

  1. Extensive Infrastructure of university campuses, such as research facilities, libraries, housing, and academic support.
  2. Variety and flexibility of courses with roughly 30% core curriculum (general education requirements), 70% major requirements (required courses to gain expertise in your area of study), and the rest are electives or optional courses.
  3. Strong focus on student well-being while incorporating diversity of ideas and student involvement.

Ms. Marjorie Smith

Associate Dean
International Student Admission
University of Denver in Colorado

  1. Higher education in the U.S. teaches students to synthesize, criticize, compare and create knowledge. Experiential learning is also very valued, whether it be through service, internships and/ or employment.
  2. For high school students who are unsure about their intended major, the U.S. system of education is ideal. Here, we encourage our students to study a broad range of subjects in the first two years and investigate career options they may not have considered before.
  3. The whole point of higher education is to prepare you for the working world, whether it is work in commerce, science, service or academia. International students are permitted to work part-time during their degree programs and after graduation, on a full-time basis through a practical training option for 18 to 29 months.


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