Monday, June 24, 2013

[STUDENT AMBASSADOR] Alejandro Guayaquil-Sosa - Why I came to study in the U.S.

1. How did you make the decision to study in the U.S.?

I wanted to learn outside of my home country because of the lack of opportunities it offers to hard science disciplines such as my major, physics. The United States was one of the countries I applied to for my graduate studies because my current advisor at Purdue sent an offer letter searching for a graduate student around the world.

2. Why should other international students come to study in the U.S.? 

It is a unique experience. Not only is the United States currently one of the biggest economies, but colleges are very connected to companies too, which helps students like me with networking opportunities. Overall, networking is a social aspect that is very developed here in the U.S. 

For students in my home country, it is more common to interact with people who have similar customs, beliefs, point of views or interests. However, as an international student, one learns to interact with all kinds of people, from all over the world, while helping to establish social connections.

3. Tell us about your application process and how you decided to attend your current university.

I had to read general guidelines for studying as an international student in the United States. The process consisted of taking three standardized tests: 
  1. language proficiency, 
  2. graduate level examination, and 
  3. general test of my field. 
In the end I decided to come to Purdue University because of the facilities and support my advisor offered. He, since the beginning of the application, offered me an assistantship to fund my studies and liked the idea of me being a physicist with knowledge of computer science.


Hello everyone, my name is Alejandro Guayaquil-Sosa, I am a master’s student in the United States focusing on computer programming. I hold a physics degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and I like to combine my math and physics knowledge to create science tools on the computer.  

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