Friday, August 30, 2013

[STUDENT AMBASSADOR] Rohini Swaminathan - Know What You Want & Search For It

WES Student Advisor: Why did you decide to study abroad in the U.S.?

Rohini: U.S. in arguably has one of the best Universities in the world. Having had a choice between University College London (U.K), Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (Europe) and Purdue University (U.S), my decision was very easy, despite the fact that I didn't have funding at Purdue to start with. High ranking, excellent faculties, and above all, good job opportunities are the three main reasons for my choice of an US University over the rest of the world.

WES Student Advisor: What were some of the factors that helped you shortlist the universities that you would apply to? How did you make your final decision on Purdue University?

Rohini: The main factors I considered in shortlisting universities are – research, professors and ranking (I did think a little bit about latitude, I am not a fan of too cold or too hot!!). I spent more than four months researching about the universities and contacting people who were already there to know more about the study-work environment. Purdue had all the three I was looking for – excellent professors, incredible research and Civil Engineering at that time was ranked to be the fourth best in the world!

WES Student Advisor: What is the most important lesson you have learned through the U.S. application process?

Rohini: Start Early! The most important thing I have learnt through the application process is simply that. Give yourself at least a year to take the exams, to shortlist the schools, finish the mile long application processes and mail all your transcripts in such a way that they reach before deadlines. Pushing things towards the end may leave you with limited choices and also can make you not make it to the deadline.


Hello everyone, I am Rohini Swaminathan. Born in a small little town, which might actually show up if zoomed in to the last or last before level in Google maps, I grew up here and there in several small corners of southern India. Life came alive again within the walls of College of Engineering, Guindy where I got a Bachelor's in Geoinformatics Engineering. After my Bachelors, I moved to United States for my Masters in Civil Engineering at Purdue University. Currently I work as a student intern with NASA DEVELOP trying to put all my academic years to some good use. I can easily be seen as another one among one billion Indians, with a small significant difference though. I always ask myself “Why not!?” and that question with a little curiosity has helped me travel far and wide, meet interesting people, gain invaluable experiences and definitely led me to where I am right now.

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  1. Hello,
    I am also an aspirant to apply for Purdue University for Master's Degree. Can you tell me what range of GRE and TOEFL scores are accepted there? What was your score? I hope you will help me with this info. Thanks.

  2. Rohini SwaminathanOctober 07, 2015

    Hi, unfortunately I did not see this message until today. I hope it is not too late, even if it is, I hope this reply would help someone else.

    Regarding GRE and TOEFL scores, for all obvious reasons, more you score better it is. But also it is to be noted that your admission does not directly depend on these scores. There are several factors that are taken into consideration like your practical experience, your GPA/percentage, letter of recommendations and most importantly the statement of purpose. Since Purdue is mainly an engineering school, high score in GRE Math adds some value. High scores in TOEFL might help you if you are trying to apply for a Teaching Assistant (TA) position within the University. But there are other exams you can take to prove your English knowledge if your TOEFL doesn't match the cut off.

  3. Hi,
    Good Day!

    I 've done my UG & PG (Bsc & MBA) through distance mode.
    Can i eligible to pursue in US for MBA.



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