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[CAMPUS SPOTLIGHT] International Admissions at The Ohio State University (OSU)

[Source: The Ohio State University]

The Ohio State University is among the most prominent institutions of higher education in the world. Ohio State has researchers, scholars and scientists at the cutting edge of their professions including Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, Guggenheim Fellows and Fulbright Scholars.

Ohio State also has the fifth largest research library in North America in terms of investment expenditures, and offers students access to state-of-the-art technologies necessary to advanced study. Ohio State is a large university, enrolling more than 63,000 students annually. Despite the university’s large enrollment, few departments have more than 100 graduate students and some have as few as 10. All departments offer you the opportunity to forge personal and lasting relationships with your advisor, other members of the faculty, and peers.

International Undergraduate Admissions

Admission to the university is competitive, emphasizing three primary academic factors:
  1. Successful completion of four years of a university preparatory curriculum
  2. Performance in high school/secondary school as shown by class rank or grade point average
  3. Performance on the ACT or SAT with writing

You may be given additional consideration if:
  • you attend a competitive high school/secondary school
  • you have taken accelerated courses (e.g., Honors, AP, IB)
  • you have demonstrated outstanding talent in a particular area
  • you have been involved in extracurricular activities, had significant work experience, or held leadership positions
  • your high school/secondary school performance was adversely affected by physical, mental, or learning environment factors

Attention applicants from China!
If you have taken university courses in China, in order to be considered for admission you MUST arrange for a verification report of your university transcript with the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The report must be mailed directly to Undergraduate Admissions by the CDGDC, rather than by you or any third party. Any transcript not mailed by the CDGDC will not be considered.

Application requirements
  1. Completed admission application (
  2. $70 application fee (nonrefundable)
  3. For freshman applicants: Recommendation from a teacher or counselor; official transcripts/documents for course work from the final four years of high school/secondary school (grades 9-12)
  4. Official SAT or ACT scores with writing for freshman and transfer applicants with fewer than 30 transferable semester hours.
  5. Official proof of English language skills.
  6. A completed Affidavit of Financial Support form for each sponsor.

Financial Aid

International Undergraduate Scholarship
$4,000 ($16,000 four-year value); this award is renewable annually for a maximum of eight semesters (or the equivalent) of full-time undergraduate enrollment, provided the recipient continues to pay the nonresident tuition surcharge and maintains a 2.5 or higher grade point average (earned by no later than the end of the second year). This award is offered on a competitive basis to admitted international freshmen with ACT composite scores of 29 or higher or combined SAT Critical Reading and Math scores of 1300 or higher.

On-Campus Employment
F-1 students may work part time (up to 20 hours per week) on campus during the academic year without special permission. During official school breaks and their annual vacation term, F-1 students may work full time (beyond 20 hours per week) without special permission. J-1 students may also work up to 20 hours per week on campus during the academic year, and beyond 20 hours per week during official breaks and summer vacation, but J-1 students must submit the J-1 On-Campus Employment Form to the Office of International Affairs prior to starting work.

Off-Campus Employment
F-1 and J-1 students require work authorization to hold off-campus positions, whether they are paid or unpaid, so always meet with an Immigration Coordinator to discuss your options before accepting any off-campus employment. F-1 students may apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) in order to receive necessary authorization.

Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) Admissions

What We Are Looking For
  • Accomplishments to Date
  • Leadership Potential
  • Smarts and Teamwork
  • Personal Qualities and Characteristics

Admissions Requirements
The MBA Admissions Committee is charged with the task of building not just an incoming class but a cohesive “micro-community." They look for well-rounded students from a variety of backgrounds, with diverse and stimulating life experiences.

It is important that you demonstrate your academic aptitude, showcase your leadership and teamwork experiences, highlight your involvement in community organizations or professional associations, and provide insight into the personal experiences that will enable you to add value to the Fisher community. Be true to yourself; do not just tell them what you think we want to hear.

International Applicants
Fisher seeks out and welcomes applicants from around the globe. As a result, at least 30% of the MBA class tends to come from countries outside the United States. While the admission criteria and evaluation process are equal for both international and domestic students, there are some specifics required for international applicants.

Application Requirements

  • Application Fee $70
  • Certified Translation of Credentials and University Transcript
  • Test Scores
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Interviews
  • English Proficiency

Because the Fisher MBA program is very interactive and participatory in nature, they require that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language to follow your proposed program of study. Candidates whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Fisher does accept the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in lieu of the TOEFL.

600 - paper-based
100 - Internet-based
86 - primarily only given in United States and Canada

Financial Aid & Merit Awards
A significant number of the MBA students receive some form of merit-based funding, consisting of scholarships, fellowships, and/or graduate assistantships. Every admitted student is automatically reviewed for funding consideration. Since funding decisions are also made on a rolling basis, candidates who submit applications early are given priority consideration for awards. In order to be considered for all available merit-based funding opportunities, they encourage you to submit three letters of recommendation rather than the two that are required for your application. All merit awards are open to international students with the exception of the University’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship Award, which is only open to U.S. citizens.

The following are some scholarships available specifically to international applicants:
  • International Student Ambassador
  • Scholarship for the Americas
  • Scholarship for the European Union (EU)

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