Monday, October 7, 2013

[STUDENT AMBASSADOR] Qian Qian - My Experience Applying to MBA Schools

WES Student Advisor: Why did you decide to study abroad in the U.S.?

United States is considered to have one of the best business education systems in the world with more than one third of the Global Fortune 500 companies. Here there is an energetic entrepreneur community, renowned scholars and so forth. I was also provided with sufficient scholarship to cover my whole tuition at NYU-Stern. This made my choice easier. From a career perspective, I want to stay in the U.S. after graduation like my fellow classmates.

WES Student Advisor: What are some unique challenges students from your home country may have when applying to universities in the U.S.?

Getting a high score on the GMAT can be challenging. This is especially true for Indian and Chinese applicants. However, good storytelling skills, unique experiences and quality working experiences with significant achievements can compensate a lower GMAT score.

I also found the essay writing a big challenge. I know some applicants use advisors to do the work but they handle many applicants. This may produce the same content for many applicants rather than tailored stories and style that perfectly fit you. They are quite expensive too.

In my case, I believe stories are the most important. Once I was done with the draft of my stories, I keep improving details about the logic, my reflections, emotions and learnings. In the end, I talked to many foreign friends so that they can peer review my writing to make them much more powerful.

WES Student Advisor: What is the most important lesson you have learned through the U.S. application process?

Start as early as you can, otherwise you are in a dash and may miss an early round where you may have a better chance of getting into your dream school. Also, be honest, sincere and effectively market your true self.


Hello everyone, my name is Qian Qian, a 2nd year full-time MBA student at NYU Stern, specializing in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Originally I come from mainland China with working experience in the technology industry. I love traveling, reading, archery and cooking.

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