Friday, November 15, 2013

China Focus: Questions to Ask and Answers to Find Before Applying to U.S. Universities

Admit Data: Make Informed Admissions Decisions
By Xiao Lu

What do Chinese students care most about when applying to U.S. universities and colleges? What are the most trustworthy and frequently used sources of information to use when you are searching answers to your questions?

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Information Chinese students are looking for when applying to U.S. universities

According to a recent report released by World Education Services titled, Student Segmentation for an Effective International Enrollment Strategy, the information most sought out by prospective Chinese students wanting to study abroad in the U.S. are:

1. Career prospects after graduation (51%);
2. Reputation of school (49%);
3. Program content/course offerings (45%);
4. Application requirements (41%).

Among them, more than half of the respondents considered career prospects when applying for a specific school. When asked which information sources they would use to find answers, 73% indicated that they would visit a college or university’s website(s) for more information. Web search, family and friends and educational consultants were other information sources.

Information sources Chinese International Students have been used when applying to US universities

So what does this mean for you?

#1) On average, you should use three or more types of sources to find information about studying abroad in order to get a more critical and comprehensive knowledge about each school. However, university websites will provide the most credible, insightful and up-to-date information on international admissions.

#2) Social media can also be used when you are seeking information regarding career opportunities not only back in your home country, but also here in the U.S. In addition to the services provided by university career centers or international student services offices, students can also build networking and career opportunities through social media. LinkedIn, as one of the world’s largest professional social sites, is most frequently used for networking in the U.S.

Many Chinese international students may not be aware that it also provides job postings that you can apply to directly. Weibo, a mini-blog website, is another place to share and update latest job postings that might be suitable for the Chinese international students in the U.S.

Although many Chinese students consider career prospects as one of the most important factors in their school and application choice, it should not be the only reason. Students should continue to look for the university that best fits them. You will most likely spend 2-4 years on campus, so make sure to find a school that you will enjoy and appreciate.


Xiao Lu, the social media intern at WES Student Advisor. Xiao got her Master in Marketing Intelligence degree from Fordham University. With a passion on both marketing and research, she is managing the WES Student Advisor social media accounts in an analytical and strategic way.

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