Friday, November 15, 2013

[STUDENT ESSAY] "Life is to change and to improve" by Zheng Xuan

By Zheng Xuan

Mistakes may bring about a lot of inconveniences to everyone’s life, even academically. I am an advocate of Albert Einstein’s quote that “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” And there is no doubt that I have made a great deal of mistakes since I was a little girl. Among these mistakes, the one I made recently is the most interesting to me, which simultaneously taught me a lot.

As a senior in college, I am currently preparing for the 2014 fall application to study abroad and recently, I took the GRE exam. In the beginning, I did not pay much attention to the Quantitative section because I thought I had the necessary knowledge taught by my middle school teachers. However, when I saw the questions, I was considerably embarrassed. That was because, as a Chinese student, I was remarkably unfamiliar with the expressions of mathematical language in English. I even made the mistake of thinking that a comma meant two different numbers. The direct impact was I failed to figure out the problem and thought about my shortcomings.

In terms of this mistake, I learned that my assumptions could be costly. I also discovered that whenever I get embarrassed, it is impossible for me to think logically and reasonably. So, I decided to practice my skill to deal with crises, so that I wouldn't be embarrassed.

After this interesting experience, I could not agree more with Albert Einstein’s opinion. It is this precious experience that enabled me to realize my weakness and push myself to correct it. Without this experience, I wouldn’t have achieved the score of 170 in the Quantitative part of GRE. Life is to change, is to rewrite the history and is to improve the imperfect self. Even though I could not be flawless, I could enjoy correcting mistakes and benefit from the process.


Xuan is a student majoring in safety engineering from China. Her academic interest is in safety management concerning industrial behaviors and safety culture. Apart from actively engaging in academic projects and participating in academic competitions, Xuan is also an artist and musician.

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