Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 U.S. Universities with Most International Students

Admit Data: Make Informed Admissions Decisions
By Mirae Kang

Are you a graduate student thinking about going to study in the U.S.? Have you ever wondered how many of your peers from your country are going to the U.S.? It may be worthwhile to see where international graduate students are coming from and how it may affect your application and admissions decisions.

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Many U.S. colleges and universities want a diverse group of international students. Campuses with a diverse student population help both American and international students to learn from one another’s cultures and backgrounds. You, as an international student, are valuable for your knowledge and experience that you’ll be to the classroom and community.

The latest data shows that there are 311,204 international graduate students in the U.S., of which the majority are from Asia. That is a 3.6% increase than the previous year. As a student from this region, this can mean a larger community of support for you as well as mentors and peers to guide you through your transition period and throughout your studies. However, this can also mean increased competition as many more students are aiming for the same admissions spots. On the other hand, if you are a student from one of the decreasing countries of origin, this may be an opportunity and advantage for you. Schools looking to diversify their student population may want you to attend their university. For either case, make sure that you convey in your application and personal statement what you can uniquely contribute to the university.

You should also consider which schools international graduate students are choosing to attend. The higher the number of international students means even more international applicants. The International Institute of Education lists the top 10 doctorate institutions with the highest number of international students:

We know that the universities listed above are popular among international students, but as a future graduate student we suggest that you research the specific graduate program that you’re interested in. This is because the number of international students varies by the number of faculty and resources as graduate programs are very diverse.

So, remember that you are an applicant in a pool of many prospective international students. However, you are very unique in what you can bring to a U.S. campus. Our advice is that you start researching schools you want to attend early on and don’t be afraid to contact admissions offices if you have any questions.

There are many universities and colleges you can attend to get a U.S. graduate degree, and we hope that you’ll find the best school for you!


Mirae Kang is a Research Associate of the Research and Advisory Services team for World Education Services in New York. She manages WES Student Advisor, an initiative to help prospective international students find free and reliable information about studying abroad in the U.S. She helps organizes free monthly webinars, connecting international students to admissions officers. When not helping students, she likes to cross oceans and relax with a great fiction novel.

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