Friday, December 27, 2013

[STUDENT AMBASSADOR] Yiyang Jason Guo - A Day in My Life as an International Student

WES Student Advisor: What is your favorite memory so far while studying in the U.S.

There was one “international business” class. We were talking about the rare earth export restriction policy conducted by the Chinese government. Almost every student participated in the discussion. Moreover, due to the diversified nationality background, the discussion was almost like a debate in the United Nations. I learned how other people, especially foreigners, think about the same issue in a different way. This experience is something I think I didn't get from my college life in China.

WES Student Advisor: Share with us what a day in the life of an international student is like.

  • 8-9AM: Get up, breakfast, watch news (really helps me in class discussions)
  • 10-12PM: Morning class and lunch
  • 1 PM- 4PM: Study in the library/go to the gym/ play basketball with friends/project discussion
  • 5PM-6PM: cook dinner/ go out for dinner
  • 7PM-9PM: sometimes I have night classes
  • 10PM-12PM: Prepare for tomorrow’s class

WES Student Advisor: What are your hopes after graduation?

College education has shaped my academic understanding, as well as helped me form a clear plan for future career. After graduation, I will target my first job opportunity in marketing companies such as Unilever, Nestle, or one of the 4A advertising companies and plan to engage in market planning within two years. After accumulating certain experience in social marketing, event planning, and deepening my understanding of media marketing, I hope to become a marketing strategy director. My ultimate goal is to set up my own studio and develop marketing strategies for bigger companies as their long-term partners.


Hello everyone, my name is Yiyang Guo. I am now studying in New York University. My major is Management and Systems. I have been in New York for about 4 months after my graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I love my study life here in New York. I would not have achieved my final goal to study here without the help from many people. It will be an honor if I can also be one of those many people who have helped you reach your destination.

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