Friday, December 13, 2013

[STUDENT AMBASSADOR] Yiyang Jason Guo - Finding the U.S. University that Best Fits You

WES Student Advisor: What motivated you to study abroad in the U.S.?

1. To hone myself in a different culture background.

Studying abroad is more than just taking classes and doing homework and projects. There are many other aspects that you can not get trained studying in your home country. For example, learn to communicate with others, especially with foreign people, be a person with a stronger mind that helps conquer difficulties we face.

2. To expose myself in a prosperous environment of marketing and technology

My major is management and systems, which is a combination of both marketing and technology. The world-class resources and environment of the things that I learn are in the United States. In order to expose myself in a more advanced and fresh environment, here I am.

3. To equip myself with diversified education and perspectives

It has been more and more valued whether a person has a diversified education background or we say international perspective because these perspectives let us observe and think in comprehensive ways. It also enhances my ability to deal with conflicts and opinions that are different from mine. I found it an amazing experience to discuss the same event with classmates from 10 different countries in a class. Those different ideas and minds really stimulate my thoughts and help me learn to view things from different perspectives.

WES Student Advisor: What are some unique challenges students from your home country may have when applying to universities in the U.S.? What’s your advice to them?

Students from China may be less worried about their TOEFL or GRE/GMAT scores, but are more worried about how to get enough relevant information because this was my major concern during my application process.

There are no shortcuts to get information without a certain amount of research, which has to be done by yourself. I did a lot of research when choosing schools and writing my personal essay. I found two places I could always get the information I want. 

First, I carefully researched the official website of the institution I wanted to apply. You may find information about career services, curriculum design, program introduction and you don't need to worry about the reliability of the information you get. 

Second, if you still can not get the exact information you want to. There is a website I used to turn to for help, which is There were a lot of students similar to me discussing their application problems online. Maybe some of them can help you get the answer you need.

WES Student Advisor: What were some of the factors that helped you shortlist the universities that you would apply to? How did you make your final decision on New York University?

I think it depends on what majors we are applying to. The first factor is the reputation of the university. The second opportunity is the location of the university, whether it is a good place for your future development and plan. 

To make it more specific, if I am thinking about computer science, a university in California may be better because of the good reputation of the university and the universities around Silicon Valley. Students may get more chances there than studying somewhere else. If I am thinking about marketing, universities in NYC may pop in my mind because of the abundant opportunities for students who learn marketing, PR, HR, or management. 

 The major I applied to is Management & System, which is a combination of both technology and marketing. That’s why I found NYC an attractive place to further my study even though I was also admitted by Johns Hopkins University, a school that may surpass NYU for its reputation. However, I just didn't see my future in Baltimore.


Hello everyone, my name is Yiyang Guo. I am now studying in New York University. My major is Management and Systems. I have been in New York for about 4 months after my graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I love my study life here in New York. I would not have achieved my final goal to study here without the help from many people. It will be an honor if I can also be one of those many people who have helped you reach your destination.

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