Saturday, May 3, 2014

[Photo of the Week] The Time for 2014 Graduates is NOW!

Spring is in the air…along with 2014 Graduates! 

Graduation is a great time to acknowledge your accomplishments and take stock of your educational achievements. A few years ago, you set some goals for yourself and after all of your hard work, sacrifice, and investment, it’s graduation time! Graduation is also a time to reflect and to plan your next steps. 

 Ever heard someone ask, “What is your 5-year plan?” Does your 5-year plan include wearing another cap or gown in a couple of years because you will pursue an advanced degree? For some of you, your future plans will include earning an advanced degree. For some, your graduation will allow you to focus on career advancement. Take stock in determining your future goals as many doors will open for you after graduation. Take advantage of opportunities that influence, guide and advise you on achieving higher education or career advancement goals.

Whether you are graduating with your diploma, bachelors, masters, J.D., or Ph.D., put your robe on with pride, make sure the cap fits just right and take multiple selfies and ussies to remember your day. You’ve accomplished so much in the past few years, celebrate…and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2014 GRADUATES!


Photo was taken by Janay A. Phillips

Janay Phillips is the Marketing Manager for WES Student Advisor at World Education Services, New York. Over the past 15 years, Janay developed and implemented global marketing initiatives to English as a second language learners and educators studying in K-12 and higher education learning institutions.

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