Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Timeline for International Students: Are You on Track?

May 1st has come and gone. Most of you may have already made your decisions on where you will attend this coming fall. Congratulations once again! This month’s list will focus on some of the items you should start wrapping as you head into the summer. 

If you are enrolling for fall 2014:

#1. Double check your finances
  • Make sure that you’ve paid your enrollment deposit with your acceptance.
  • Start planning out living and miscellaneous costs by creating a budget for your first year. 

#2. Inform colleges that you will not attend
  • Make sure to inform schools that you will not be attending politely. It’s a nice gesture and you never know where you might end up for graduate school or beyond. 

#3. Write Thank-You Cards
  • If you haven’t sent them out, it’s not too late. Make sure to thank teachers, parents, and peers who have helped you through this admissions process. 

#4. Don’t get senioritis
  • Now that you’ve been accepted it may seem like all is over, but you still want to end your high school career on a high note. Stay focused and don’t slack off because universities have the right to retract your admissions if they see that you did very poorly in your last semester. 

#5. Check your email daily
  • Once you’ve sent in your acceptance confirmation letter, you will get several follow-up emails on visas, housing, student activities, and more. Stay updated so that you can get plugged in even before you hit the campus. 

#6. Help others around you
  • Now that you’ve been through this entire process, you know have the knowledge and expertise to help others who will be planning to attend next year. Pay it forward by being a resources and giving advice to other prospective students. 

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If you are planning to apply for 2015:

#1. Decide on your summer plan
  • Think of ways to make this next summer meaningful and enriching. This may give you some ideas as you write your college essays. Some ideas are:
    • Work or volunteer for a local charity
    • Travel and study abroad
  • The important point is to find something that is of substance rather working for a well-known company but filing papers all day. 

#2. List college application deadlines
  • Start a spreadsheet to list different deadlines from each school. Especially if the school has early or rolling admissions, you’ll want to plan ahead. 

#3. Plan a test study schedule
  • Study for college entrance exams (ex. SAT, ACT, AP) take time so carve out a schedule for how you plan to study for your exams for the next few months. It is also a good way to avoid cramming at the last minute. 

#4. Start thinking about recommendations
  • It’s not too early to start thinking about who can write good recommendation letters for you. If it is a teacher, counselor or boss, start by asking them now. They don’t have to write it immediately but it’s a good way to let them know that you would appreciate their help. 

#5. Discuss finances with your family
  • This is an important factor as your plan your college career. Make sure to try and discuss specific such as, tuition, housing, dining, travel, and miscellaneous. 


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