Thursday, June 19, 2014

How I Joined a Student Club and Loved it

By Thuy Le

I am a current international student studying at Providence College, where diversity is scarce. For instance, there were only 20 international freshmen out of 1,030 first-year students in September 2013. So you may think that the circumstances make it a little more difficult to make friends and get involved on campus. However, going to a school with mostly American friends has helped me get out of my comfort zone and rely on myself more.
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By the end of my freshman year, I was proud of myself for getting involved in some activities that I was interested in, finding a job and being able to manage everything on my own, which I used to think I could not do without my family and friends’ help. Actually, things did not come so easily and I had a difficult time in the beginning trying to fit in. I remember trying my best during Orientation to make friends with everyone in my group but received a few cold responses from some folks, which was not a very pleasant feeling. However, as time passed by, I made more friends, mostly from classes and clubs. Just remember to stay positive and believe that things always change for the better if you try. One thing we should all learn is not to be afraid to step out and make friends. 

When you come to the U.S., be prepared that there will be various clubs and organizations in every college. You will have many options to choose from to get involved. For example, I joined several clubs that I found interesting such as the Asian American Organization and Peer Mentor Program. I met a lot of awesome people there and these clubs really made me feel more confident in getting involved and putting myself out there to make friends with others. However, my most interesting experience was when I joined the gospel choir.

I have always been interested in music and I watched “Glee” a lot. So I was hoping that there would be a similar music club on campus that I could join.  I eventually found “The Concert Chorale” and signed up. At the first meeting I was surprised when I realized that this was a gospel choir.  I decided to stick around and as I learned more about it, I liked it more. I had the opportunity to wear the choir gown and sing in a church.  I also got a chance to go to New York City and sing in the St. Catherine of Siena Church. This experience has taught me one valuable lesson: even if things don’t turn out the way you expect it, try to enjoy other aspects.

Therefore, my tip for you in order to get involved on campus as an international student is to courageously push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try to text your classmates first if you have problems on your homework, go to your professors’ offices as much as possible, take part in activities that you like and make friends, or say yes to a lunch invitation from your friends on campus. It might be a little hard at first, or you might not be able to participate in the group conversations and feel like an outsider sometimes, but remember that we ourselves chose to be outsiders the moment we chose to study abroad in the U.S. Therefore, not to the point where it makes you unhappy, but if you are a little uncomfortable, it is okay to feel that way. Get involved and do not be afraid to hold back!


Hi everyone, my name is Thuy Le. I am currently a Finance and Math double major at Providence College. I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with my friends when I have free time. My past nine months in the US has been a wonderful journey and I would very much love to share it with all of you. I really hope that my experience in getting involved as an international student could somehow help you get more information and also the courage to make friends on campus.

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