Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Timeline for International Students: Are You on Track?

Summer is here! Have you decided on your summer plans? This is a great time for you to get some extracurricular activities or experience so that you can highlight them in your college applications. See some of our tips on what you should be doing this summer.

If you are enrolling for fall 2014:

  • List your to-dos before heading to campus
    • Did you complete your housing request?
    • Did you send in your health forms?
    • Did you send in required documents for your Form I-20?
    • Make sure to contact the admissions office if you have any additional questions.

  • Keep searching for more scholarships
    • Deadlines for private or government scholarships vary so you may still have a good chance at finding additional scholarships

  • Submit your final transcript
    • After your final grades come in, send your final transcript to the college or university. 
    • Contact the admissions office if you’re not sure how to submit your final transcript. 

  • Manage your wait-lists
    • If you’re still on a waiting list, this might be a good time to decide on whether you want to remain on the list or let them know that you have been accepted elsewhere. 

  • Register for orientation sessions
    • Many universities offer orientation sessions during the summer before school starts. By inviting a small number of students, you will get to know some people on campus before you arrive. 
    • If you can’t travel all the way to the U.S., check with the admissions office if there are any local gatherings in your home country for future, current, and alumni students. 

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If you are planning to apply for 2015:

  • Finalize next year’s course schedule
    • As you begin to wrap up this year, this about what courses would make you into a stronger candidate next year. Just because it’s your last year doesn’t mean that you can take it easy. Admissions officers will see how rigorous your class schedule was when comparing you with other candidates. 

  • Decide on your summer plan
    • Think of ways to make this next summer meaningful and enriching. This may give you some ideas as you write your college essays. Some ideas are:
      • Work or volunteer for a local charity
      • Travel and study abroad
    • The important point is to find something that is of substance rather working for a well-known company but filing papers all day. 

  • Start thinking about recommendations
    • It’s not too early to start thinking about who can write good recommendation letters for you. If it is a teacher, counselor or boss, start by asking them now. They don’t have to write it immediately but it’s a good way to let them know that you would appreciate their help. 

  • Start your college essay
    • Think about what character qualities you want to highlight and important points in your life that will help admissions officers understand who you are. 
    • Many universities may have more specific essay questions that you will have to answer but getting a general idea of what qualities you want to highlight will be helpful. 

  • Check out college net price calculators
    • These calculators can be found on each university’s website. Try calculating your estimated cost and discuss with your family on how you plan to fund your education. 


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