Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Do Indian Students Prefer Studying in the USA?

By Naimeesha Murthy
World Education Services

Students from India make up roughly 11.8% of the total foreign student population in the United States. India is the second leading place of origin for students coming to the U.S. after China. As per the 2012/13 IIE report, a total of 13.2% of Indians studying in the U.S. opted to pursue their undergrad in the U.S. So what does this mean? Why are so many bright Indian students deciding to go overseas for their education?
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Admission marks for popular disciplines like economics or physics in the finest colleges – Lady Shri Ram College for Women or St. Stephen’s – are in the high 90s. Dependent on their marks, many students compromise on the discipline and elect for subjects that aren't in-line with their interest just to get admitted into well-known colleges. With growing competition in India and very few premier schools, colleges have to turn away large numbers of applicants every year. This results in students exploring other alternatives. 

A common alternative is to study abroad at great colleges and universities. Educational excellence, knowledge expertise, flexibility, campus life, and work experience are some of the factors that draw students to the U.S. in large numbers every year. 

Here are some reasons why studying in the U.S. may be a great option for you: 

1. Educational Excellence: The quality of education along with the teaching methods are incomparable. The infrastructure and research facilities at universities are world class and many of the faculty members are thought leaders in their field. In fact, graduate students in select schools have the opportunity to work directly with Nobel laureates. The American education system pays emphasis on comprehension with little stress on rote learning. The education system is also structured in such a way that there are opportunities for practical training (OPT) which is combined within the program to allow students to gain hands-on experience. 

2. Knowledge Expertise: Universities in the U.S. pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology and having the best possible equipment and resources available for their students. Most programs incorporate the latest equipment into their curriculum which helps students gain skills and be ready to face the job market. 

3. Flexibility: The U.S. study system allows a lot of flexibility. A student can initiate a major in one discipline and move into another field. Graduation is dependent upon the completion of a certain number of credits, therefore it is possible to graduate ahead of schedule or even add courses in another field of interest to graduate with a double major.

4. Campus Life Experience: The American campus life is possibly one of the best aspects of studying abroad; this experience teaches one to be independent and learn about different cultures.

5. Work Experience: Many international students wrongly assume that there are not enough job prospects available to them in the U.S., but in reality, there are quite a few employment alternatives that international students can take advantage of to work at world-class companies in the U.S. through the OPT/CPT program.

Taizyd Korambayil, who is currently an international student at Savannah College of Art and Design’ shares, “Being an avid gamer with an interest in art and drawing, I always knew that I wanted to study something inculcating and so game design development seemed like the obvious choice. Since this area is relatively new and upcoming in India, the U.S. seemed like the perfect option. Studying in the U.S. will give me the edge to be able to complete my course alongside taking active part in gaming forums and exchanging ideas and learning the latest software available for game development. This in turn will help secure and advance my career with reputed companies in the field.

Nowadays, students have easy access to a world of information through the Internet and modern communication tools such as social networks and video conferencing mediums that ensure that students learn about the numerous career options at a young age. The globalization process has contributed to the presence of freely available tips and advice and contributes to the increase in the number of Indian students who are U.S. bound.

Do you wish to study in a college or a university that helps you land a dream job in the U.S.? Then the U.S. might just be the right destination for you! 

But before you start researching about colleges or universities you should be clear about your end goals. Read - 5 Things Indian Students Should Know Before Applying to U.S. Universities to get a better understanding of the admission process in the U.S. as each school or program can have very different requirements.

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