Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Timeline for International Students: Are You on Track?

July Timeline for International Students

Summer is rolling along! 

This month, we will be focusing on visa and other preparations for international students starting their degree program this fall. For those planning to apply this winter, summer is a crucial time to get those interesting experiences in for your essays and application. 

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If you are enrolling for fall 2014:

1. Connect with your incoming class through social media

  • Search common social media channels in your home country for groups of students that will be starting this fall.
  • Contact the admissions office for advice on connecting with your classmates if you are having trouble finding them.

2. Contact student organizations that you may be interested in

  • Many student organizations offer fun orientation sessions, airport pick-ups, and hangouts for new students coming on campus. Contact them before you arrive for more information.

3. Apply for your F-1/J-1 student visa

  • Check online for U.S. embassy/consulate expectations and be prepared for multiple visits!
  • Pay the SEVIS or I-901 fee
  • Make sure you have a valid unexpired passport
  • Make sure to bring your signed, original I-20 form from the college
  • Schedule a visa interview at the U.S. embassy/consulate

4. Submit immunization forms and get student medical insurance

  • Getting documents from hospitals can take time so make sure you have all your vaccinations and submit and valid immunization form.
  • Every student in the U.S. is required to have medical insurance. Many colleges will offer medical insurance that is added on to your tuition bill. If the college’s option seems to expensive, make sure to shop around.

5. Make travel arrangements and prepare your finances

  • Start making final arrangements by booking your flight and preparing your finances.

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If you are applying for 2015:

1. Schedule your standardized exams

  • Summer may be a more relaxing time for you to try and take your first round of standardized exams. Scheduling exam dates early also helps if you have long wait lists for testing centers in your country.

2. Start your college essay

  • The Common Application essays prompts have been released but the application will not be opened until August 1, 2014. Check out the essay prompts here and start your outlines.

3. Communicate with your parents

  • Most parents want to be helpful and be a part of their child’s college admissions process. So, make sure to communicate with your parents about what you are doing and how they can help.

4. Do a social media purge

  • Admissions officers are now taking that extra step to check social media profiles of applicants, so it might be a good idea to go through your profile and take down any photos or comments that you might not feel comfortable showing your grandparents.

5. Talk about finances with your parents

  • There are a lot of associated costs other than tuition that you may want to start discussing with your parents. If you parents will be giving you an allowance or stipend, make sure that it’s realistic and acceptable for both sides.

6. Tour some campuses in person or virtually

  • Visiting all the college campuses that you’re interested in may not be realistic or even affordable. Today, many colleges offer virtual tours of their campuses so make sure to check those out.


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