Tuesday, September 2, 2014

5 Tips for Transferring From a Community College [VLOG]

Did you know that there are more than a thousand community colleges in the United States? Did you also know that community colleges can be a great way for you to get prepared for academics at a rigorous 4-year college or university?

The American Association of Community Colleges lists 1,132 community colleges in the U.S. with a total of 13 million international students attending them as of fall 2011.

That’s roughly 7% or 910,000 international students choosing to study at a community college in the U.S. overall.

The notion that community college courses are of lesser quality than those at 4-year colleges is nothing more than a myth. Community colleges are a great way to improve English, adapt to a new educational system, and save a lot of money over time.

So here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to transfer from a community college to a 4-year institution.

#1. Up to one year before you hope to transfer, you will want to start the transfer process by completing an application for admission at your chosen institution. Make sure to go to both universities that you are interested in and talk to an international student advisor.

#2. Be mindful of deadlines and all admission requirements.

#3. You will need to request an official transcript from the registrar’s office and have it sent directly to the university you are applying to. Your high school transcript may also be required in addition to other items such as English proficiency results, personal statement and/or letters of recommendation.

#4. If you are accepted for admission, any college courses you have taken will be considered for transfer. Allow plenty of time at this stage because this process can take a few weeks or more.

#5. You will also need to give the university you are transferring to copies of your current I-20, any previous I-20s, your passport identity and visa pages, and your I-94 record.

Entering your chosen U.S. college or university through transfer can be an excellent option so stay focused and be organized.

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