Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Use Social Media to Shortlist Universities

Today’s students have grown up interacting and sharing experiences on social media and therefore to reach more prospective students, universities have actively started embracing social media channels such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Ever wondered, how you can use social media tools in your university search process? Listed below are four steps that will help you make more informed decisions.

[STEP 1] Research employment trends

Researching career services plays a very important role in ensuring success in the job search process after graduation. 

The office of career services works to inform, connect, and advise students about opportunities available for students during and post-graduation. Typically, each year, career services conducts a survey that summarizes data such as - salaries, geographic distribution of graduates, and methods of securing employment. Therefore, it is important for prospective students to spend ample time in studying university employment trends to maximize their time and effort.

[STEP 2] Embrace social media and connect with alumni

With information being available so abundantly, try to make the most of the social communities available to you and connect with alumni via platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo to get first-hand information about the university, employment, and faculty.

Universities are also becoming more social savvy by using tools that make it easy for prospective, current and alumni students to exchange information – so, definitely try and make the most of these resources available.

How To Use Social Media Effectively For Admission Process?
·         Join student groups

·         "Like" University pages to stay updated on what’s new

·         Connect with prospective, current and future students to learn more about university life and application process
·         Find employment statistics and potential opportunities

·         Learn about where recently  graduated alumni work

·         Connect with alumni to ask questions about career prospects and university
·         Dialogue with admission experts and students in real time

·         Use hashtags to get candid insights such as campus photos and university activities

[STEP 3] Consider location and cost 

It is no secret that location of study is directly correlated to your employability. If you are considering schools in and around the metro areas, it is highly likely that your chance of securing a job is higher because of the internship and job opportunities available. As important as location is, it is also very important to consider the cost of attendance and the ROI applicable to the particular school, so make sure to reflect on all factors before making any final decisions.

[STEP 4] Short list schools by segmenting 

After weighing out elements such as, employment trends, alumni feedback, location, cost and ROI – make sure to read-up on important questions such as:

Graduate Admissions
Undergraduate Admissions
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Have you used any other social media tools for your university search? Share it in the comment box below - we would love to hear from you!


Naimeesha Murthy is the Marketing Associate for WES Research & Advisory Services at World Education Services. Naimeesha specializes in business management and marketing and has experience in working with brands; both on-line and off-line. Naimeesha holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Bangalore University, India and a master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

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