Friday, October 17, 2014

2015 - 16 U.S. Admissions: Are You on Track?

Are you applying for 2015?

1. Focus on why you want to go to college

The application process can sometimes feel daunting and never-ending. As you begin to get into the thick of it, make sure to remember your motivation and reason for applying to study abroad.

2. Finish your early applications

If some of the schools that you want to apply to accept early applications, make sure to get a head start and submit early. This can improve your chances of being admitted, having enough time to look for other scholarships, and processing your visa.

3. Secure your letters of recommendations

By now, you should have a strong list of recommenders for your college application. Make sure that your teachers, employers, or others know the timelines of when they should submit their letters.

4. Polish your college essay

Once you have a good foundation for your essay take some time away from it to let it rest. Revisit it after a couple of days with a refreshed mind to make improvements. Trust your voice and story to speak through.

5. Ask questions to the admissions office

If you have any questions about the application make sure to ask the admissions office sooner than later. As it gets closer to the deadline, the admissions office will be busier and may take longer to get back to you. So, have ample time ready to wait for their response.

6. Gather supplemental materials

If you are applying to schools that require supplemental materials such as writing samples, portfolios, etc. make sure to have these prepared in advance. Also, give yourself time to improve on them.

Are you applying for 2016?

1. Start researching

It is never too late to start researching schools. Start by listing some schools that you may have heard of or have dreamed about attending. Check out the school websites and learn more about these schools.

2. Sign up for admissions mailing lists

Many admissions offices today have email mailing lists that send you reminders or updates on the admissions process for universities. Request to be added to mailing lists for prospective students. Visit Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to stay up to date.

3. Talk to admissions officers

Many admissions officers from U.S. colleges and universities will be traveling the world around this time to visit high schools and present at college fairs. Take this opportunity to talk to people at schools you are interested in.

4. Plan out your test taking strategy
  • Get supplemental materials to help you study for the college entrance exams, such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc. First visit the official websites of each test for free study guides and practice tests.
  • Check Facebook and Twitter for other students in your area for local study groups.

5. Get more involved in extracurricular activities
  •  If you are already in an organization, try to expand your role and seek out leadership opportunities during this year.
  • If you are not yet involved with any extracurricular activities, get started soon and get involved in something that you are interested in.
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