Monday, October 6, 2014

Preparing for F1 Student Visa Interview

Hi there - today we are here to discuss the common F1 questions you can expect during your student visa interview.

The F1 visa interview is an intimidating experience, not only will the students need to prepare with the required documentation but they also need to be ready to answer questions regarding their plans about studying in the US. Knowing what questions to expect for the interview process can be a huge advantage to prepare for the interview.

To help you prepare for the interview day, we have listed for you - 5 most frequently appearing topic categories:

1. Study plans - These questions will be very similar to your university application essays and interviews. So why do they ask you such questions? Well, the USCIS is interested in knowing your choice of pursuing higher education vs. your home country or any other place.

2. University choice - Similar to your study plans, your choice of university is of interest to your interviewer. The questions that could be asked here will look to shed light on your qualifications as a student. Higher caliber university choices will be better regarded than little-known colleges or universities. 

3. Academics - Not surprisingly, you will need to prove your capability to succeed in a US university during your interview. Your test scores, previous GPA, and earlier study abroad experiences can all be evaluated to determine your likelihood of success during your program. 

4. Financial status - Irrespective of your academic qualifications, you cannot be awarded a F-1 visa without the means to finance your education. It is important to have a solid financial plan. This plan should include more than just tuition expenses. You should consider housing, food, transportation, health insurance, and all other relevant expenses.

5. Your post-study plans - Although the students may be interested in working in the US after graduation, through programs such as OPT and H1B, it is important for the prospective student who is attending the visa interview to pay emphasis on completing their study and returning to their home country

Last but not the least, remain calm! Be sure to be organized and have all of the required documents and receipts with you so that you can focus on your interview questions. Answer all of the questions asked and be honest and you should get the F1 visa.

Well that’s all for now, and good luck on your interview!

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