Monday, January 26, 2015

It’s a Good Time to Be a Biz School Student

By Ruohan Chen
World Education Services

What’s the most popular major among international students in the U.S?

Business. In fact, one in every five international students in America is majoring in business. And even though it’s among the most competitive fields, the job market is good. The pay? Even better. Future MBAs, your degree is now worth more than ever.

According to global survey results published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), nine out of 10 employers expect to hire as many business graduates this year – or more – than they did last year. And among 169 employers worldwide who participated in the survey, over 50 percent said they would like to raise starting annual base salaries this year. Recent articles from Bloomberg Businessweek and the Globe and Mail suggest that a promising hiring environment is coming; besides fatter paychecks, MBAs can expect more job opportunities as well. Nearly two-thirds of employers plan to expand their business by hiring more business graduates in 2015.

The “supply of qualified MBA graduates … interested in and well suited for investment banking is far less than current demand,” said one U.S. finance/accounting employer. “It is very difficult to find enough quality candidates and competition is high.” Sounds like a good time to be a biz school student.

For more information, download GMAC’s Year-End Poll of Employers here.

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