Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poll: What Is the Point of Undergrad?

People go to college for all sorts of reasons. Gaining the skills you need to succeed in today’s global economy, of course, is a big one. But that’s not the whole picture, especially when it comes to undergraduate studies. In recent years, many pundits have posited that a college degree is the new high school diploma – that graduate studies are a necessity in order to be competitive in many fields – which obscures the purpose of the undergraduate experience. Is it about having an adventure? Grappling with difficult political, theological or literary texts? One of our readers has suggested that higher ed is ultimately about making money, buying fancy cars and attracting a spouse! Traveling internationally for school adds another layer of depth to the question. So tell us: What is the point of college?

Your undergraduate years should leave you with:

A lot of life experiences
A clear career path
A wealth of knowledge
Critical thinking skills
A lot of friends

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