Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Top 10 U.S. States Hosting International Students: No. 6, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
By Michael Liu
World Education Services

When people ask an international student what they expect the U.S. to look like, the answers will vary. Some picture themselves in enormous cities, while some imagine themselves at rural schools with campuses that look like arboretums. In the state of Pennsylvania, you can experience both extremes. You can go to school in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and get the big city experience; head to University Park, home of Penn State, and you’ll get idyllic scenery. In its cities and in its countryside, Pennsylvania has always been at the heart of American history. Do you want to feel the spirit of the U.S.?

Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest, sixth most populous, and ninth most densely populated state. The entire state experiences cold winters and humid summers. It’s located in the Great Lakes region. The state capitol is Philadelphia (also known as Philly), the fifth most populous city in the U.S.; it’s located in the southeast part of the state, between New York City and Washington, D.C. The population is around 1.5 million. Philly is famous for its academic resources. It’s also one of the smallest cities to host all four of the major American sports leagues: the 76ers (basketball), Eagles (football), Phillies (baseball) and Flyers (hockey). Pittsburgh is no slouch as far as sports towns go, either. They’ve got the Steelers (football), Pirates (baseball) and Penguins (hockey).

In 2014, 41,446 international students choose to study in Pennsylvania, which ranks sixth in the nation. That number is up 8.2 percent over the previous year. Penn State University enrolled the highest number of international students by far with 7,024.

Pennsylvania’s world famous schools include, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, which are known for their computer science, construction, engineering and medical programs. University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League institution, is one of 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities. UPenn is well known among international students for its schools of business, law, engineering and communications. Its undergraduate population includes students from well over 100 countries and citizenships, and they have a solid international financial aid system.

Chinese students dominate the international student population in Pennsylvania with 35.8 percent, followed by Indian students, who make up around 13 percent. South Korea and Saudi Arabia account for 14 percent combined. Those numbers are all in line with national averages.

Nature, cities, world-renowned schools, and tons of American History, from the Liberty Bell to Gettysburg, the site of the biggest battle in the American Civil War. Check out Pennsylvania!

Chart data: Institute of International Education (2014), Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange.


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