Friday, June 12, 2015

IU Expands Reach of International Student Workshops

By Brittney Bodden
World Education Services

Launched in 2014, the IU2U program at Indiana University – Bloomington is dedicated to helping incoming international students transition to life at the U.S. school. In the past, undergraduate students and administrative staff and faculty traveled to Beijing, China during the summer to interact with new students before they arrived at IU’s campus in August. This year, IU2U is expanding its reach into India, South Korea and Shanghai, China.

Approximately 251 students and 200 parents are currently enrolled in this year’s IU2U program, according to an Indiana University press release. Also new this year is a reception held at the end of IU2U that will connect IU alumni overseas with freshmen in China, India and South Korea.

IU2U includes a variety of workshops that are held to prepare students for academic and cultural success in the U.S. By attending these sessions, incoming students are able to meet and greet current IU faculty and other students, register for their primary courses and prep for what’s about to come as a future Hoosier, the University said.

Once the students officially arrive on campus, they will be more familiar with the school’s culture, have a range of peers to connect with and begin a new journey.

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