Monday, September 7, 2015

Data Shows Rise in F and M Visa Holders, Indian Students in U.S.

By Jordan Friedman
World Education Services

If you are an international student with an F or M visa in the United States, you are part of a growing population. 

Newly released data from the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) reveals a 9 percent increase in the number of these visa-holding students since July 2014. This is in addition to a 32 percent increase in the number of Indian students in the U.S. from last year.

An F-1 or F visa enables international students to enter the U.S. as a full-time student at any academic level, whereas an M-1 or M visa pertains to students in nonacademic or vocational programs.

This report was released last week and states that a total of more than 1 million international students hold these statuses as of July 2015 and they are enrolled at nearly 9,000 U.S. schools. 

Note: This statistic includes students at all academic levels, from primary and secondary school to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Other types of education such as flight training are also included.

While the report notes that the number of F and M visa holders in the U.S. has decreased slightly (by 6.9 percent) since the last data report was published in February 2015, the overall trend of international students in the country continues to rise.

Also among the report’s key findings: 

  • 76 percent of these international students come from Asia, followed by 8 percent from Europe
  • 36 percent end up studying in California, New York or Texas
  • 74 percent are enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programs
View the full report here.

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