Thursday, October 29, 2015

3 Things to Do After Accepting an Admissions Offer

By Mrinalini Srinivasagopal
Student Ambassador, 
Pennsylvania State University

At this time of the year, students are busy applying to colleges. Some may begin making their final decisions earlier than others, especially those who apply early decision or early action. But after you get accepted, what comes next? Here are three steps to take after you accept the offer:

 Take a look at courses: First, take a look at the courses offered by your program if they are available, and identify which ones you would like to take during your first semester or quarter. 

Most admitted students are assigned to an advisor; a faculty member who helps guide you through scheduling courses, transferring potential course credits, and ensuring you are on the right path to satisfying degree requirements. You should meet with your academic advisor before every semester or quarter to register for your courses. Don’t simply stop by his or her office and ask for a signature. Instead, make an appointment so that you and your advisor can discuss your goals.

 Speak to current students: You can ask current students studying at the university about a specific major or program to gain a better understanding of it. Remember, current students were once in your position too, so don’t let your shyness hold you back. They will likely be more than willing to help you out.

Most universities have a social media page or a group you can join. There, you can find fellow students and talk about various aspects of college life, including courses, housing, healthcare, etc. Students in their senior year could even help you with temporary accommodations in case you decide to arrive early and still need to get your housing situation resolved.

 Look into research opportunities: The next thing you can do is identify a professor whose areas of interest align with yours. You don’t need to wait until you arrive on campus to start hunting for a research assistantship. You will definitely have an advantage over other students if you email a professor beforehand and then meet him or her personally to discuss your research interests.

Remember, it’s always better to think and plan ahead! Good luck!

Mrinalini Vasanthi, originally from India, is currently pursuing a master's degree in computer science at Pennsylvania State University. She is expected to graduate in summer 2017.


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