Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3 Tips and 7 Apps to Boost Your Productivity During Finals

By Naimeesha Murthy
World Education Services

Do you wish you had more hours in a day? Juggling classes, homework, and laundry doesn’t leave much time for fun, let alone sleep. Yes, college life can be pretty intense. Here are some tips to help you end your semester strong and ace those finals.

Get Organized and Stay Focused

Make a timetable and stick with it. When you receive your test dates and deadlines, write them all down. In the timetable, include your activities and club meetings, then block out time for studying. Find a system that works for you, whether it’s a paper list, a daily planner, or an app.

Block Social Media
Facebook, YouTube, TV, and your mobile phone can be very distracting. Take a break from all these disturbances when you’re studying – turn off the TV, put your phone away and don’t sneak a peek! If you’re still struggling, download an app like SelfControl that blocks you from using certain websites and apps.

Study Smart

The students who do best on their exams are not necessarily the ones who study the longest; they are the students who study the smartest. Understand and evaluate your study techniques by asking questions like:
  • Are they really working for you? 
  • Are they efficient?
  • How can you improve your current technique and do better? 

If you need help refining your study ways, try reading your textbooks more actively, taking detailed notes. At the end of the term, those with the best study habits will not only save time but also score better on their final exams and assignments.

Here are seven free apps that aim to boost your productivity and help you achieve better grades:

  1. My Study Life
  2. Quizlet
  3. Pocket
  4. Clockwork Tomato
  5. Evernote
  6. Trello
  7. Feedly
Do you know of more must-have apps? Post them in the comments below. Good luck studying!

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