Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apply for Financial Aid at Canadian Schools: Tips and Resources

By Xiao Lu
World Education Services

Canada is the seventh most popular study abroad destination for international students. Many students come to Canada because of its globally recognized schools, immigration-friendly government policies, and comparatively affordable education.

Before you make your decision to study abroad in Canada, you may also want to know which scholarships are available to international students in this country.

First, students should check the school’s tuition and living costs online, and make sure that the price aligns with your ability to pay for school. Here are several ways you can research financial aid and scholarships available in Canada for international students:

1) Check for local government scholarships in your home country. Many foreign governments are setting up scholarships to promote students’ study abroad options in Canada.

2) Search online for scholarships through international organizations that encourage international students to study abroad in Canada.

3) Check for university scholarships online or through the Canadian school admissions office. Almost all universities now offer scholarships for international students from all over the world.

4) Check the Canadian government's website for graduate-level scholarships. Graduate school students can work as research or teaching assistants on campus to get paid from their respective school. It usually requires good English and a high GPA to qualify for these positions.

5) On top of everything, working while studying in Canada is a good way to relieve your financial pressures. When students receive a study permit from the Canadian government, they are guaranteed a student work permit at the same time. This work permit allows you to work both on and off campus. Your work salary can help pay your living costs as well.

Here are some scholarships that might be relevant to you:

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