Thursday, November 5, 2015

megaVOICE: The Halloween Costume That Wasn't

By Meghavaty Suresh
Contributing Writer

Playing dress up is always fun, but my first Halloween as an international student didn’t exactly go as planned. I was picturing what happens in all the classic sitcom episodes about Halloween parties. 

However, when All Hallows’ Eve rolled around, I found myself waking up with no idea of what I should be dressed as. Of course, graduate school gives you so much to do from projects to papers that I was lost in a blur. I had a party to go to that night and so I started thinking about the options I had on hand. As somebody from a different country who had not experienced the awesomeness of Halloween, I was at a loss when it came to creative costume ideas.

Basic thoughts:

No budget.
No effort.
No superhero costumes.
No nurse/cop/pumpkin.

So what was left?

I started looking around desperately, and finally my eyes fell on my laptop where my Twitter account was open.

#HappyHalloween was trending.

I had an idea!

I quickly did a Google image search and printed what I needed. I was now ready for Halloween with what I was sure was a pretty intelligent costume. Then, I went back to my schoolwork without a care in the world about the party that night. When I got home that evening, I quickly changed into a simple, all-black ensemble and pinned the printout I had taken earlier that morning on myself. I was ready, but I was so extremely tired from doing schoolwork all day that decided to lay down for just 10 minutes before I left for the party. Those 10 minutes ended up lasting all night, and I missed my only Halloween party at school!

What was I dressed as you ask? Well, I took a printout of a hashtag, and I was going to be #whateverIwantedtobe. Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time! Maybe it’s best that I ended up #sleeping.

Do you have any stories of funny Halloween mishaps or interesting costumes?


Meghavaty Suresh is a brand engagement specialist at The Guardian. She is originally from Mumbai, India. She earned a master’s in new media at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where she realized what it truly meant to be an international student and how best to enjoy the experience. The megaVOICE column is her opportunity to give a voice to the whispers of international students. Megha lives in New York City. Follow her on Twitter at @meghasuresh.

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