Friday, April 15, 2016

4 Ways International Students Can Boost Scholarship Chances

By: Brittney Bodden
World Education Services

We all know searching and applying for scholarships can be time-consuming. With the cost of tuition on the rise in the U.S., more American and international students are turning to scholarships to fund their education. While the application processes can be tedious and only a few are chosen, there are several ways to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Follow the steps below to improve your chances of being named a scholarship recipient:

Find the right scholarships
There are a variety of scholarships available to international students in the U.S., as well as in their home country. Continually be on the lookout for new scholarship opportunities, because you can never apply for too many. There are many scholarship search websites such as these:

Be sure to read the requirements carefully before applying to a scholarship—there is no point in wasting time to apply if you do not fit the criteria!

Follow the rules
Read the scholarship rules carefully and thoroughly. After reviewing a scholarship, if you have outstanding questions or concerns try reaching out to the contacts listed on the scholarship application page. Students often get eliminated because they missed a crucial step in the application process, and one way to ensure you have all the materials necessary is to create a checklist for each application and cross off completed tasks. Also be sure to have someone else review your work before you submit the application.

Write and Rewrite.
While English isn’t a native language to many international students, each applicant is expected to write a clear and well-structured essay as part of their application. An essay gives the scholarship committee an idea of who you are both at an academic and personal level. Try having a native English speaker proofread your work for grammar and fluency, whether it’s a friend, teacher, or an online editing service.

Be prepared to write, write, and rewrite your essay until it is perfected. Form the habit of writing several drafts of your work before submitting a final version.

Be prepared
Many scholarships require interviews from chosen finalists, so be sure you are prepared for this. If you are chosen for an interview, see it as the perfect opportunity to showcase who you are and communicate your goals for what you will achieve if chosen for the award.

Remember that each scholarship, no matter the amount, counts. While amounts vary, each scholarship you receive brings you one step closer to being debt-free. Take your time, and be sure to submit only your best quality work. 


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    1. Thanks for the useful info. I'm currently trying to apply for an university as a foreign student and I really hope I'll be able to surmount all of the obstacles.


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