Friday, May 13, 2016

Why I Chose a U.S. Education

By: Yunxin (Jessica) Hu
Student Ambassador, Hofstra University

I chose to complete my master’s degree in the U.S. because students receive many great opportunities here and enjoy the independence to study what they like. It is never boring in the U.S., so I learn a lot outside of academics. I also meet new people through volunteer work and networking.

Freedom to Choose
In my first semester at school, I knew I wanted my master of business administration (MBA) but was undecided about my specialty. My school encourages students to gain some basic knowledge and then make a decision. I chose to specialize in accounting. Students here have more freedom to choose a program that suits them.

It Is Never Boring
The best thing about studying in the U.S. is that you will never feel bored here, especially if you choose a university located in a big city like New York City. I always find a lot of interesting things to do in my free time. I went to a cake baking class and baked my own pretty little macaroons. I took a painting class at a studio when I wanted to enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment to clear my mind. If you prefer sports, there are plenty activities to participate in.

Volunteering Opportunities
The other thing I like in the U.S. is that you can easily join a volunteer group and offer your help to the people who need it most. I have worked with volunteer group for about one year now and have visited three primary schools, one nursing home, one animal shelter, and I distributed food to three food pantries. I really enjoy helping people and every time I have served people from my home country, I feel even happier and a little bit proud.

You could also find volunteer jobs that relate to your major and allow you to practice what you have learned in school. I volunteered to offer income tax assistance this year, which extended my knowledge in tax accounting. Also, doing volunteer jobs provides you with a great opportunity to network.

Speaking of networking, I personally think networking is the key to finding a good job. If you want to find a job in the U.S. right after your graduation, you should start networking right now. Even if you are not an outgoing person, you should try to overcome that or just pretend you are outgoing. Like one of my friends always says: “Don’t be shy, just try!”

I hope you have a great journey and a wonderful experience in the U.S.
Yunxin Hu, originally from China, is currently attending Hofstra University pursuing an MBA in Accounting. She will graduate in May of 2017.

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  1. Hi Yunxin, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences even I'm planing to pursue my higher studies in US I hope even my journey is as great as yours.


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