Thursday, August 18, 2016

Go In-Depth with WES Advisor Webinars

 Go In-Depth with WES Advisor Webinars
Do you love our blog content but wish you could get more details on the subjects we feature? Or want to participate in a live Q&A on the topic? The WES Advisor webinars could be just the solution you’re looking for. WES Advisor hosts webinars every couple of months and features experts on popular topics.

By registering for access to the WES Advisor webinars, you will also have the ability to see and watch all of our previous webinars that have already taken place, so you don’t miss anything. This archive of webinars is designed to help international students in their mission to pursue an education in the United States. There are three series in the webinar archives:

Application Series
These webinars are focused on the college application process in the United States. International students can find help before, during, and after the application process with topics like application timelines and deadlines, getting foreign credentials evaluated, how to write a great college essay, and more.

Country-Specific Series
If you want to learn more about what the application process looks like from the perspective of the country you’re applying from, this series will be very helpful to you. Right now this series features an India and China focus, and will continue growing as we add more country-specific topics in the future. Stay tuned! This series also has application tips for international students who want to study in Canada.

Major-Specific Series
The field of study you choose influences a lot of things, such as your choice in school, your career path after college, and more. In our series focused on specific major choices, we talk about the many different kinds of programs there are, from art and design to international affairs. This series gives you the opportunity to educate yourself about what a specific major could mean for school life and for your future.

Sign up today to begin a more in-depth journey with WES and get even more advice about studying in the U.S. You can also take part in our two upcoming webinars; September 15: Applying to Public Health Programs in the U.S. and November 17: Applying to Science and Engineering Programs in the U.S. We encourage you to join and participate in the live Q&A session at the end.

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