Wednesday, August 3, 2016

La Cité: Programs for French-Speaking International Students in Ontario

La Cité: Programs and Services for French Speaking Newcomers in Ontario

By WES Global Talent Bridge
World Education Services

La Cité, le collège d’arts appliqués et de technologie, has a number of campuses in Ontario which offer an array of programs and services both for newcomers and international students who speak French.

In addition to occupation-specific language training programs in Construction, Early Childhood Education, Health, and entrepreneurship/sales/marketing, the college offers bridge training programs for newcomers in the following areas:
  • Health
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Construction
Full-time studies at La Cité offer those coming as international students the following qualifications:
  • College Certificate Ontario (one year)
  • College degree in Ontario (two years)
  • College degree in Ontario (advanced) (three years)
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology (four years)
Also, La Cité offers programs through Employment Ontario which helps people with their job search preparation, including pre-employment services to newcomers: Canadian culture, French Canadian, labour market, résumé writing, interview techniques, and more.

Visit the La Cité website for more information on newcomer programs as well as information for international students. Visit the Employment Resource Centre (ERC) to learn about the Employment Ontario services offer at Le Cite.

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