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Partner Preview: JVS Toronto

 Partner Preview: JVS Toronto
 By WES Global Talent Bridge
World Education Services

With nine offices spread across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), JVS Toronto is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals find meaningful employment in Canada. JVS has a variety of services that help people based on their needs. The following are just a few of the services that they offer new Canadians.

Before You Arrive in Canada
JVS offers a number of pre-arrival resources that assist with connecting to careers in Canada:
  • CanPrep: The CanPrep service is a free, specialized employment program that helps you create a personal plan to find and prepare for a job in Canada. You will be assigned an employment counsellor/mentoring coach who can support you through the various program activities.
  • News and Resources: CanPrep News and Resources helps connect you with the latest offerings from JVS, including job skills training, instructional webinars, stories about other newcomers’ journeys, and more.

After Your Arrive in Canada
Once you have arrived in Canada, there are additional resources available to help ease your transition and prepare for the Canadian workforce:
  • Newcomer Services: If you have just arrived in the GTA, there is general and profession-specific information that can help you start your career in Canada. 
  • Employment Source: Enter different job preparation workshops, receive expert one-on-one guidance, and find connections to the hidden job market to get employed quicker.
  • Job Search Resources: Connect to services and tools that help with exploring career opportunities, information, and more.
  • Workshops: Across all nine offices in the GTA, JVS offers many workshops each week to help develop your skills sets and better prepare you for employment. (Workshops are displayed on the right-hand side of the website.)

Visit JVS Toronto to learn more and participate in additional programs and services.


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