Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5 Reasons Why International Students are Choosing One of Canada's Leading Polytechnics

Beautiful white snow, golden autumn leaves, and vibrant warm summers are just some of the reasons why the capital city of the Alberta province in Canada, Edmonton, is a destination of choice for international students. With a population of over one million people, Edmonton offers all the highlights of a big city while maintaining a safe and friendly environment. Edmonton is a diverse, multi-cultural city, and there are many ways to connect with people who share your culture and traditions.
Aside from all of the things Edmonton has to offer, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is full of opportunities for international students. As one of Canada’s leading polytechnics, there are many ways students benefit from a NAIT education:

Here are the top five reasons why international students choose NAIT:

An Education at NAIT Leads to Opportunities
NAIT graduates are in-demand: 95% of employers who hire NAIT graduates are satisfied with their training and 84% of NAIT graduates found employment directly related to their studies.

An Education in Canada can Lead to Canadian Immigration
Every year, thousands of students from around the world (over 90 countries are represented at NAIT) choose to pursue their educational goals in Canada. With a valid study permit, international students can seek part-time employment both on and off campus.

An increasing number of students are choosing to stay in Canada after graduation to gain valuable Canadian work experience. After completing a two-year diploma or four-year degree program, international students are eligible for a three-year post-graduation work permit to pursue their ambitions. In many instances, post-graduation work experience enables international students to become eligible to apply for various permanent residence programs.

Opportunities to Work and Network While Studying
One of NAIT’s biggest advantages is their connection to various industries. With Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programs, students are able to gain valuable experience for their future industries and the opportunity to connect with potential employers before they even graduate.

Cost of Living is Highly Affordable

Edmonton’s cost of living is much lower than many other Canadian cities, and NAIT tuition is among the lowest of all post-secondary institutions in Alberta (and competitive with institutions across North America). 

There are scholarship opportunities specifically for international students. In their first year, students can apply to one scholarship related to their program of study and academic achievement, and a second scholarship related to community building. Each is valued at $2,500 (Canadian dollars)!

International students celebrate their own culture as well as others with local Edmontonians (people from Edmonton) both on and off campus. The international department at NAIT organizes many events such as new student orientation, Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, and a yearly “global village” which provides all students and staff the opportunity to discover and experience the cultures represented on campus.

Additionally, the “Life After NAIT” alumni event connects NAIT student communities with various industries and allows students to develop their networking skills. The Peer
Mentorship program through NAIT International provides ongoing support for international and newcomer students as they transition to life at NAIT and in Edmonton. Peer Mentorship events create a supportive community on-campus while providing students with a group to explore other areas aside from the campus in Edmonton. Some examples of these events include visiting the Edmonton zoo and local cultural sites, attending festivals, going to workshops on classroom expectations, learning about cultural differences, and connecting to academic support services.

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