Friday, March 24, 2017

Upcoming Webinar: Industry-Recognized Credentials for Canada and the U.S.

 Webinar: Industry-Recognized Credentials for Canada and the U.S.
Date: Thursday, April 27
Time: 11 a.m. EDT (UTC−04:00)
Location: Online/virtual
Cost: Free

About the Webinar

Industry-recognized credentials, also called professional certifications, are increasingly important in today’s labor market. This webinar will explore some of the most common industry-specific credentials and certifications across Canada and the United States, focusing on their portability both geographically as well as across different sectors.

This webinar will highlight how industry-recognized credentials can:

  • Help your résumé stand out from others with similar educational and employment experience
  • Enhance your foreign education with Canadian or U.S. credentials
  • Help you explore new career paths

About the speakers:

  • Shaunna-Marie Kerr is the Program Manager at WES Global Talent Bridge Canada. She is a certified adult education specialist with extensive experience working with adults facing concurrent challenges such as mental health, addiction, displacement, and chronic poverty. Shaunna-Marie has a specific interest in the impact of adult literacy and continuing education on labour market integration.
  • Senay Gebremedhin is the Program Coordinator for WES Global Talent Bridge. In this position, he is responsible for assisting in the planning, development, and implementation of a wide array of programs and resources for internationally educated immigrants and refugees in the U.S.
The webinar will also include examples of skilled immigrants who have successfully leveraged these credentials into career success, as well as examples of job postings that feature industry-recognized credentials and certifications. Don’t miss it, register today!

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