WES iGPA (International Grade Point Average) Calculator - for Students

Why a GPA?
Knowing your GPA is the simplest way to learn how you compare to others when you apply to study in the United States. Colleges and universities want to evaluate your grades based on the 4.0 GPA scale.

What is a GPA? 

A GPA reflects the weighted mathematical average of the quality of your work, as indicated by your grades.

How does the WES iGPA work?
To get started, you need your transcript or marksheet with subjects and grades listed. Select your country and enter all your grades. The iGPA Calculator uses grading scales from over 140 countries to convert and instantly calculate your GPA. All you have to do is type, click, and get your GPA. (Click here for a sample calculation)

About WES Grading Scales
The grading scales used in the WES iGPA Calculator are based on 35 years of experience with over 500,000 clients worldwide. The grade conversions are based on the most common grading scales for each country.

International Degree Preview

What are my credentials worth?
Find out instantly with a FREE degree equivalency

Why a Preview?
When properly evaluated and recognized, your educational credentials will allow you to pursue your education and career goals in the U.S. This preview will give you an immediate indication of how your degrees are viewed in the U.S.

How It Works:
WES has created a quick and simple online tool that allows you to enter the post-secondary degree(s)* that you have earned and obtain an instant U.S. equivalency for them. (Click here for a sample preview)

How to Obtain an Official Evaluation
Any equivalency obtained through this International Degree Preview is not official and is for your information only. Academic institutions, licensing boards and employers will require an official WES evaluation report. To prepare an official evaluation report WES requires that you submit your actual transcripts and degree certificates. To apply for an official evaluation, go to

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