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"Working with WES was pretty good, and all my queries and doubts were promptly answered. I got my WES conversion done mainly for Texas A&M's application, and I'm going to attend TAMU itself."

Prince Rajvanshi
Information Systems
Texas A&M University

'"The WES Student Ambassador Program has been an opportunity for me to share my experiences as an international student in the United States. It has made me really think about important issues I had overlooked, how they impacted me and what I (as well as others) can learn from them."

Oluwaseyi Oni
Public Health
Emory University

“Working with WES Student Advisor has provided me with enormous research and growth opportunity. I now record my experiences as an international student in the United States in a daily journal. I look forward to using my experiences as an educational resource to educate international students trying to study in the United States or those trying to adjust to the educational and cultural traditions of the United States. I think this opportunity provided by WES is one of a kind, and I am honored and excited to be a part of WES.”

Sunday Adah
Brigham Young University

“From the student perspective, the webinar gives great tips that are applicable to a wide range of students, regardless of their qualifications for a particular program. Webinars for specific schools are going to be too detailed for students who are in very preliminary stages of research, so a webinar like this from WES is a great starting point, as it provides a broad overview and gives information that can be applied to multiple programs.” 

Alison Merzel
Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions
The Ohio State University

“WES Student Advisor job gave me a great opportunity to know more information.”

Yun Chang
Johns Hopkins Univeristy

“WES Student Advisor's webinars are excellent opportunities. They provide a wealth of valuable information.”

James Zhou
Cornell University 

“This experience has been positive so far for me simply because of the rewarding feeling gained from helping others who are seeking help and advice. Knowing that my contribution will make experiences a little easier for others than it was when I was at the same stage in my life gives me great joy and pleasure. Apart from being able to help others, the Ambassador program is the perfect vehicle to be able to practice your skills and develop into a more well-rounded individual. The skills I am using and working on here will definitely continue to serve me throughout my professional career.”

Deliece Knights
Baruch College
“The Student Ambassador Program has been a positive experience because it has prepared me for my move to America as an international student. It has also prepared me in some aspects for graduate school. The blogs posted are educational and informative and because of that, I have learned a lot."

Jewel Taylor
Forensic Psychology
Chicago School of Professional Psychology

"As an international student, studying abroad is an exploration of knowledge as well as the exploration of oneself. The Student Ambassador Program is platform that helps me in both aspects. It has guided me all the way from application to admission and prepared me for better adjusting to life in the U.S. From insurance purchasing tips to job hunting skills, the Student Ambassador Program makes things much clearer and my life much easier. There are ups and downs in the journey of exploration. It has been truly helpful to see how other international students who arrived earlier deal with all the transition, cultural shock, etc. and it also gives me immense pleasure to share the wonderful amazing experiences that I had here. I have kept getting much from the Student Ambassador Program. It gives me a strong sense of fulfillment to know that I could give back by sharing my experience to help others move along the transition and live their life closer to the fullest."
Mengying Bi 
University of Pennsylvania

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