Webinar Archives 

WES Advisor has a collection of webinars designed to assist international students in their quest to pursue an education in the United States. The collection covers topics such as the U.S. admissions process, major-specific processes and requirements, country-specific considerations, and more.

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Application Series

Starting Your U.S. Application: Timelines and Deadlines
Creating a Resume or CV for Your Application Package
Getting Your Foreign Credentials Evaluated
How to Get Letters of Recommendation and Financial Aid
How to Write a Great College Essay and/or Statement of Purpose
Overview of U.S. Admissions

Country-Specific Series

India Focus: Strengthen Your U.S. Admissions Application
China Focus: What You Need to Know about U.S. Admissions
Studying in Canada: Admissions Tips for You

Major-Specific Series

Applying to Art and Design Programs in the U.S.
Applying to U.S. Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs
Applying to International Affairs Programs
Applying to Public Health Programs
Applying to Science & Engineering Programs in the U.S.

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